“At Natural First Chiropractic Clinic, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!

From the first day I walked into your clinic, August 21, 2003, until the present, I have received nothing less than excellent care. You have a winning team — professionalism, compassion, generosity, and humility. I thank GOD and you. May HE continue to bless you abundantly!”
– Kathryn G.

“When I first came to se Dr. Little, I was having severe lower back pain and left hip pain with the left leg staying numb most of the time. I could not stand or walk more than five minutes without severe pain & numbness. After adjustments, heat, ice packs, the anatomotor machine, & muscle stem; I am like a new person. I am so thankful for Dr. Little!”
– Mitchie S.

“Dr. P. Little, this is just a note to say thanks for enabling me to walk again, without pain in my hip or leg. You are my guardian angle sent straight from GOD, and I thank HIM and you.”
– Rosie H.

“I have had chronic pain in my left arm and left ankle that would throb or go on “fire” if I did any walking or swimming. After treatments, I am 100% pain free in my left arm & left foot, and in fact: I swam 1/2 mile of breast stroke this morning!”
– “Jennie” C.

“Before I came to Dr. Little, my back was in constant pain. I had been to my family doctor and to a physical therapist… had x-rays performed on me and none of them could see where the pain was coming from, nor stop my chronic pain. When I came to Dr. Little, he identified the problem and immediately began working on a solution to stopping the pain. He did just that! Now I am involved in more activities, such as: gymnastics, cheerleading, and dancing; without a sign of back problems nor pain!”
– Marci B.

“I am a 4th grade school teacher, and I have to keep up with 26 pupils every school day. When I came to your office, I could not do that! I could hardly walk, because of the pain in my right hip. Thanks to you and your expertise, I am back to normal, taking my class to physical education, computor lab, lunch, assembles, and dismissals. Thanks so much!”
– Carolyn B.